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Radio Therapy

Why am I updating so frequently, you ask? Because, fuckers. There are a million and one dumbshit communities out there waiting for me to pounce on. And thanks to Mr. Anonymous, we've nabbed us another 'un. And by "we" I mean "I".

Community: radio_therapy

Purpose: The name seems cool enough, and the layout has wicked skills. But underneath the frou frou pink and green vomit layout, there's a plethora of stupid fuckshits who... what else... rate you! Fuck. We need to get some communities that are for rating, yo. I'll look some up.

So, at radio_therapy, those bitches give it to you straight. If you're a fugly whore, we'll rejected you bitch! My guess is, they're ALL fugly whores.

"Didn't that wun pitture luk a lot lyke Nikol Kidmun?"

At least the girls over at radio_therapy warn you about what a community full of rank wenches they are. Are you purdy? Nope? ktnx. REJECTED.

Lyke OMG! Here's an actual comment someone left. I'll pay you twenty bucks if you comment with who.

Actually, no I won't, but it'd be fun, wouldn't it? XD

i do not like your hair at ALL
and your makeup looks pretty awful in that last picture

Get a life, whores. Like me. I rock all your figurative socks off, and you fucking KNOW it.


Rating: 9

EDIT: The fuckers have moderated posting. They're whores, but they're relatively smart whores. So! Not banner for them. I'll just post it here, in their honor.

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