you_jackass (you_jackass) wrote,

Are You Cute

First of the list of stupid shitfuck communities:


Don't worry about self-esteem! Just join this community of self-righteous bitches, and they'll convince you to kill yourself!

The "Purpose":

For pompous little prepubescent girls to giggle and shit their way into adulthood by demeaning the physical makeup of others. What this means, for all those idiotic little whores out there who don't know, is that at are_you_cute, you can post your very own personal pictures of yourself, and have everyone tell you how ugly and stupid you are, so long as you don't look like Nicole Kidman. And don't put an LJ-Cut. Because, you know. We all want to spend our time being judged by a bunch of 14-year-old cunts. Don't we? BECAUSE FUCKSHIT, I DO.

Rating: 9
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