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Cheer or Die [03 Apr 2005|11:15pm]
COMMUNITY: cheer_or_die

PURPOSE: Rank, pom pom toting twats unite! Welcome to cheer_or_die, where we cheer, or die. Because we're so super fucking cool, and we had super fucking fake breasts, we think we own the world! Who cares about being smart? And if you think there are smart cheerleaders, you're wrong, fucka! Just check out this little excerpt from our community!:

Well Lets see... I got out of school went tanning (I'm gonna be dark)...


Come join us at cheer_or_die! All you have to do is love yourself some cheerleadin! (That's a direct fucking quote from the userinfo.)

Boys are welcome too, because we've gotta have something to fill up the big fucking gap where our brain should be!!

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Cardiogram [03 Apr 2005|11:08pm]
I don't even understand what these fuckshit communities are for anymore. Someone explain this to me:

COMMUNITY: cardiogram

PURPOSE: I have no fucking idea. To act like a bunch of self righteous twats? That's what I'm guessing, because I'm totally drawing a blank. The userinfo is bullshit. "Don't fuck with the Mods" (cause we'll cry!). "Don't get pissed if your rejected (you fuckin loser!) This shit should have a mission statement somewhere, even if it just says, "ATTENTION: WE'RE A BUNCH OF DUMB HIGH SCHOOL CHICKS ON DRUGS. LET US VERBALLY ASSRAPE YOU. KTHX."

I'm at a loss, man. What the fuck is this? And is "cardiogram" supposed to be clever? Because it ain't, bitches. And, of course, we have the usual cunts that comment with shit like, "GOD, no." Because why?


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The Vanity Scene [03 Apr 2005|10:52pm]
All right, bitches. I'm reaming rating communities, but what the hell else is there out there? SEARCH FOR ME. I'm too fucking lazy to do it, and I want someone to do it for me.

So leave comments, like kaylin does, with links to dumbshit communities.

Moving on:

COMMUNITY: thevanityscene

PURPOSE: There's never a purpose to any of this dumb shit. Yet another stupid fucking rating community. Honestly, people. This is probably the stupidest one I've come across yet. What the fuck is up with their half ass userinfo? STOP USING NETSPEEK, YOU RANK WHORES. Jesus. So, not only are they too fucking stupid to check their userinfo for typoes, but they ripped their layout, unlike moi, who was kick ass enough to make my own.

Anyway - the same emo, angsty cheerleaders on crack bullshit. Heads shoved up each others twats. They're cuntastic. Yes that's a word. SUCK IT.

thevanityscene, YOU SUCK COCK.

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Radio Therapy [17 Mar 2005|10:04pm]
Why am I updating so frequently, you ask? Because, fuckers. There are a million and one dumbshit communities out there waiting for me to pounce on. And thanks to Mr. Anonymous, we've nabbed us another 'un. And by "we" I mean "I".

Community: radio_therapy

Purpose: The name seems cool enough, and the layout has wicked skills. But underneath the frou frou pink and green vomit layout, there's a plethora of stupid fuckshits who... what else... rate you! Fuck. We need to get some communities that are for rating, yo. I'll look some up.

So, at radio_therapy, those bitches give it to you straight. If you're a fugly whore, we'll rejected you bitch! My guess is, they're ALL fugly whores.

"Didn't that wun pitture luk a lot lyke Nikol Kidmun?"

At least the girls over at radio_therapy warn you about what a community full of rank wenches they are. Are you purdy? Nope? ktnx. REJECTED.

Lyke OMG! Here's an actual comment someone left. I'll pay you twenty bucks if you comment with who.

Actually, no I won't, but it'd be fun, wouldn't it? XD

i do not like your hair at ALL
and your makeup looks pretty awful in that last picture

Get a life, whores. Like me. I rock all your figurative socks off, and you fucking KNOW it.


Rating: 9

EDIT: The fuckers have moderated posting. They're whores, but they're relatively smart whores. So! Not banner for them. I'll just post it here, in their honor.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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Pretty [17 Mar 2005|09:50pm]
All right. This one's in honor of cecisayshola who got reamed by the whores that vote in this community. Ever notice how these communities are all for whores?

Maybe we should find some male ones. SOMEBODY FIND ME ONE.

Community: __pretty

Purpose: U got 2 be purdy 4 these phukers to lyke u! No, seriously. They think they're teh shit because they got discounts on their breast and cheek implants. WHUTEVA, BIOTCHES! At __pretty, you're thick as pigshit if you don't fill out their dumbfuck "application" correctly. That's what they said about poor cecisayshola, who didn't fill out her "OMFGIMSOPRITTIWTFOMGOMGOMG!" application right. But what you_jackass really thinks is pigshit, is their lame community.

Here's an excerpt from the RULES:


Damn! Those bitches get it to 'em proper, don't they? Watch out, people. They'll MAKE FUN of your ass.

Yes, fuckers. Your community SUCKS COCK, according to us. And by us I mean me. And I'm all that fucking matters, cunt. So! Grab your digital cameras, girls! Because if you ain't a dawg, you can join up with the twats over at __pretty and learn yerself how to talk mean to fuglies.

Rating: 8
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Cute for a Dork [17 Mar 2005|08:59pm]
We give humble thanks to kaylin for pointing this jackass community out to us. We being I. Us being me. Okay. Moving on.

Community: cuteforadork

Purpose: Are you a dork? Are you a loser? You are if you're a member of this community! Look, a bunch of poseurs imitating all the cool rating communities like yes_or_no and _killthelightsx. So, here's the rundown. cuteforadork had potential not to suck ass. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to that potential, and sucks just like the rest of the fuckers on this list. You post your pictures, and a bunch of dorks who think they're cool vote on you. And since you're a dork, you get a lot of comments like, "you're boring, impress me."

Hey, fuckers. Look around you. You're in a community full of emo nerds who are voting on other emo nerds because you all what? What is it? YOU SUCK COCK.

Rating: 6

EDIT Because they don't have open membership, I wasn't able to tell the whole community how much they suck. So, I suppose they'll be in the dark. BUT THE REST OF YOU KNOW, that they SUCK COCK. :D
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Candy Cunts [17 Mar 2005|08:43pm]
Cut the "candy", but we'll keep the "cunt."

Community: candycunts

Purpose: Here we have a little haven for all the goth punk lesbians to gather themselves together and wank on other goth punk lesbians. Or bisexuals, or whatever other stupid shit whore decides to show up and post her application. And here, they have challenges. In Candy Cunt land, a challenge is when you post your own rank whore face and then challenge someone else in the community, because you're so fucking stupid that you think you're better than them.

Oh, but it gets better. In my effort to rid LJ of all of the dumbfuck communities out there, I seem to have been beaten to the punch on this one. Take a look at what hail_kohl had to say about candycunts:

Name: Spacker mcdoodle
Location: haha lolz here!
Why are you joining this community?: LOLZ HAHA CUZ IM SMART N UR ALL RETARDS N 2 PISS U OFF INNIT!!!!111
Where did you hear about candycunts: MY BEST FREND CUZ ITS ALL THE RAGE 2 WASTE MY TIME 2 TELL U HOW MUCH I DONT CARE!!!!!1111oneone
Marital status: single, i culd never get a gf, wonder why?
promote this community: fuk u! i dnt need 2!!11 im 2 good 4 u!!11

I dnt need 2 use a cut or follow rules, cuz im so obv cleverer than all ov u, i dnt need 2 join ur shitty community neway! I DIDNT WANT TO B ACCEPTED THATS WHY I APPLIED HAHA GO ME.

Oh :-(

A bunch of random internet ppl didnt like me! My life is over!


I'm sick of all this bullshit. Rating communities are just a bit of fun ffs. All you uglies, stop taking it so seriously, stop spending so much time valuing internet friends and pretending people on the internet are your real best friends. Get a fucking life.

Fuck, yeah, man. Wicked love to hail_kohl for not being a conformist shitwad. To the remainder of the candycunts community. YOU SUCK COCK.

k thx

Rating: 7
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UPDATE [17 Mar 2005|08:21pm]
Hey, fuckers.

It appears as if I've ruffled a few feathers over at the shithole excuse for a community _killthelightsx. They even delete my post. Looks like the cheerleaders can't take the stamp of REJECTION! (On that note, I'm making a fucking stamp. It'll be so badass.)

They're bunch of LotR hating wankers. Show 'em some love, guys.

Even airheads need hugs. :D

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Kill the Lights! [17 Mar 2005|05:15pm]
Community: _killthelightsx

Purpose: What purpose does this bullshit ever have? A bunch of emo-angsty high school twats, gathering together with other high school twats, to make themselves feel better. As luck would have it, _killthelightsx hasn't managed to garner that many members, but check this shit out! The "applicants" have to promote the community before they submit their application! Ain't that a winner? Here are the "rules" of the community:

♥ Don't be an ignorant idiot

♥ Voters, tear them up, but not to the point when they want to kill themselves. but by all means, if the fucker deserves an ass kicking, give 'em an ass kicking

♥ Applicants, dont comment/post until you are accepted

♥ Applicants, LJ cut pls


♥ |)0|\|+ +\|p3 71|<3 +|-|15 |<+|-||\|><.

♥ Post your application within 24 hours of joining

♥ To show us that you read the rules, make the subject line of your application "Kiss me im contagious".

Now, if that isn't some rank bitch bullshit, I don't know what is. CONGRATULATIONS, FUCKERS! You win this week, because you fucking SUCK COCK.

Rating: 10
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Yes Or No [09 Mar 2005|07:38pm]
Nuhmbah Two, bitches.


Purpose: None. That I can see, anyway. It's a bunch of jackasses (TM) getting together to tell other people how much they suck. The community doesn't have any purpose whatsoever, except as a place for all of the bitter, fugly, stupid people to congregate and make themselves feel better by tell other bitter, fugly, stupid people how bitter, fugly, and stupid they are. But, I'll have to give the bitches over at yes_or_no some credit. They give you fair warning. And they suck.

Rating: 7
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Are You Cute [09 Mar 2005|06:17pm]
First of the list of stupid shitfuck communities:


Don't worry about self-esteem! Just join this community of self-righteous bitches, and they'll convince you to kill yourself!

The "Purpose":

For pompous little prepubescent girls to giggle and shit their way into adulthood by demeaning the physical makeup of others. What this means, for all those idiotic little whores out there who don't know, is that at are_you_cute, you can post your very own personal pictures of yourself, and have everyone tell you how ugly and stupid you are, so long as you don't look like Nicole Kidman. And don't put an LJ-Cut. Because, you know. We all want to spend our time being judged by a bunch of 14-year-old cunts. Don't we? BECAUSE FUCKSHIT, I DO.

Rating: 9
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