you_jackass (you_jackass) wrote,

Cute for a Dork

We give humble thanks to kaylin for pointing this jackass community out to us. We being I. Us being me. Okay. Moving on.

Community: cuteforadork

Purpose: Are you a dork? Are you a loser? You are if you're a member of this community! Look, a bunch of poseurs imitating all the cool rating communities like yes_or_no and _killthelightsx. So, here's the rundown. cuteforadork had potential not to suck ass. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to that potential, and sucks just like the rest of the fuckers on this list. You post your pictures, and a bunch of dorks who think they're cool vote on you. And since you're a dork, you get a lot of comments like, "you're boring, impress me."

Hey, fuckers. Look around you. You're in a community full of emo nerds who are voting on other emo nerds because you all what? What is it? YOU SUCK COCK.

Rating: 6

EDIT Because they don't have open membership, I wasn't able to tell the whole community how much they suck. So, I suppose they'll be in the dark. BUT THE REST OF YOU KNOW, that they SUCK COCK. :D
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