you_jackass (you_jackass) wrote,

The Vanity Scene

All right, bitches. I'm reaming rating communities, but what the hell else is there out there? SEARCH FOR ME. I'm too fucking lazy to do it, and I want someone to do it for me.

So leave comments, like kaylin does, with links to dumbshit communities.

Moving on:

COMMUNITY: thevanityscene

PURPOSE: There's never a purpose to any of this dumb shit. Yet another stupid fucking rating community. Honestly, people. This is probably the stupidest one I've come across yet. What the fuck is up with their half ass userinfo? STOP USING NETSPEEK, YOU RANK WHORES. Jesus. So, not only are they too fucking stupid to check their userinfo for typoes, but they ripped their layout, unlike moi, who was kick ass enough to make my own.

Anyway - the same emo, angsty cheerleaders on crack bullshit. Heads shoved up each others twats. They're cuntastic. Yes that's a word. SUCK IT.

thevanityscene, YOU SUCK COCK.

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